The course of Practical  English is  intended  for  the first year students of CSU.

The teaching objectives of this course are: 1. to train students to understand English grammar, to get Information on different structures ; 2. to improve students’ reading comprehension ability ; 3. to guide students to utilize English language in their  life, study;  4. to teach students to communicate. The class will focus on one topic each week, and students need to write the summary related to the topic by reading and understanding the text for several times. In addition to the two-hour lecture and exercises each week in a classroom, students should learn material studied at home. Students will improve their speaking, writing, reading and listening skills. Many different types of activities will provide students with opportunities to use English in many circumstances. Students will learn to feel confident and comfortable speaking  in various situations. The course will focus on such areas as: reading texts, dialogues, writing grammar exercises, essays, compositions, discussions, presentations.  Students will take part in discussions on various topics; they will team up in groups of four or five to make a presentation to the whole class on an assigned topic and/or a topic of their choice.  Each student will understand English Speech and use the grammatical structures correctly while speaking.